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Written by Premier Caregiver Services on November 9, 2015

Working as an employee at Premier Caregiver Services in addition to working at Premier Caring Hands has given me the opportunity to help others in ways I never thought I would. Just as an example –  While caregiving for a patient of ours, it was brought to my attention that Mr. B (as I call him) had been very sick to his stomach throughout the week. In addition to this, his home oxygen concentrator was not working properly. When he mentioned he didn’t seem to be getting enough oxygen, I immediately contacted our main office in hopes of finding a solution to Mr. B’s oxygen problem.

After reaching the on-call technician., I was able to find that the humidifier bottle on his concentrator had build-up around it. The on-call technician had me change the humidifier bottle and Mr. B’s oxygen seemed to be running perfectly fine. Before leaving his home I noticed that although the hours on his machine didn’t qualify him for a concentrator check, that last statistics did. His oxygen machine had earlier been tested at 95% running at 1.7 LPM. This means his concentrator met Medicare guidelines. After leaving for the weekend and returning to my 9 to 5 at Premier Caregiver Services Retail Store, it dawned on me that Mr. B’s oxygen should had been tested at a higher LPM since he is a high liter flow patient.

That Monday, while at work I told my manager all about the situation. He immediately got on the phone with one of our corporate schedulers and had them schedule a time to check Mr. B’s concentrator. The P.C.A. Arrived at his home that day and after checking over the machine, found that it was not running adequately enough for Mr. B to get the oxygen he needed. Even though this patient was not eligible per Medicare guidelines to get a concentrator check, Premier’s team went above the call of duty to help him. When finding that it was not working properly, Premier’s team went above the call of duty again by replacing his machine with a brand new one.

The following weekend when I was at Mr. B’s home, he could not express his gratitude enough. He told me he was feeling much better and knew that the lack of oxygen is what was making him sick. He thanked me and the entire family at Premier Caregiver Services for making such an impression in showing we all truly care about his well being. Working for a company this compassionate and committed to excellent caregiving services makes me truly grateful for what I have, and even what I don’t have. Experiences like this really show that Premier Caregiver Services is not full of hundreds of employees here to make money, but rather a giant family all working together to find solutions.

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