Our hourly rate includes the following comprehensive services:

  • One-on-one care provided by a highly trained caregiver
  • Ongoing support and assistance from a designated caregiver
  • Assistance from a care manager to handle all schedule-related needs, such as: 
    • Team changes
    • Covering call-offs
    • Matching the right caregiver to the client’s specific requirements
  • Around-the-clock support that is available 24/7 for any issues that arise during or outside of regular business hours
  • Assessments to evaluate the client’s needs and develop a personalized care plan
  • Training of caregiver on the developed care plan
  • Continuous coaching, training, and shadowing to ensure backup caregiver are well-prepared and proficient in providing care 

Certainly! As part of our personalized care plan, we prioritize meal and food preferences. You have the freedom to provide as much or as little input as you desire. You can rest assured that you or your loved one’s dietary needs and preferences will be taken care of with utmost attention. Our dedicated caregivers are fully equipped to handle various tasks, including:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal planning
  • Preparation
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning up 

No need to worry at all! We take full responsibility for managing caregivers schedules to ensure a seamless experience for you. Our highly experienced care managers handle a small caseload. This allows them to provide a personalized and attentive approach to managing team schedules. In case of unexpected absences or vacations, they will arrange training for backup caregivers to minimize any disruptions caused by unfamiliar faces. If a last-minute shift needs to be covered, we will contact you about the caregiver who will be filling in, along with all the necessary details regarding the situation.

At Premier Caregiver Services, our primary goal is to enhance your quality of life and that of your loved one. If you require the presence of your caregiver during an outing, they will be more than happy to accompany you. However, we also respect your privacy. If you prefer to enjoy your outing privately, your caregiver can remain at your home to take care of household chores and fulfill their other responsibilities until you return. 

Engaging in outings and activities is a central aspect of our person-centered, activity-based care for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. We strongly encourage our clients to remain active and involved in their community to the best of their abilities. As part of each client’s personalized care plan, we include a list of preferred outings and a schedule of leisure appointments. Our dedicated caregivers will be more than happy to accompany your loved one for these activities. We have clients who still enjoy museum visits, attending horse races, participating in galas, and even joining dance classes with their caregiver. We also have clients who embark on domestic and international vacations with their caregiver by their side to alleviate travel-related anxiety and manage ongoing care needs effectively.

Not at all, unless you prefer to do so! We provide a dedicated caregiver who will handle tasks such as calling in medication refills and pickups, ordering essential supplies like undergarments and assistive devices, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and sharing follow-up notes for your review and information. Our aim is to make your life easier by providing comprehensive support and taking care of these responsibilities, allowing you to focus on other important matters.

Premier Caregiver Services currently accepts private pay and long-term care insurance.

Premier is currently licensed to work in Kentucky, and we offer our services in Louisville and Lexington. We are unfortunately not yet licensed in Indiana, sorry!

We keep our clients in the loop with their loved one’s care with the Family Portal, which is online and always accessible 24/7 for a means of communication between caregivers and clients. Learn more about our Portal on the Our Approach page.