Companion Care

Our Companion Care level may include some caregiving services, such as cooking, household chores, schedule management, and medication reminders, but is largely meant to keep your loved one engaged in life, hobbies, their community, and their social circle for mental enrichment and a high quality of life. Companionship is one of the cornerstones of our caregiving services.  While other levels of care offer companionship, our companionship caregivers are trained to delve deeper into your loved one’s interests, hobbies, and sources of happiness while maintaining our role as a caregiver and assistant.

This level has largely been used for those with mild cognitive impairment through moderate dementia, as our professional dementia caregivers act more as a friend or companion than a full-time caregiver. Much of our caregiver’s time with your loved one will be spent doing fun activities. Companion care services may include exploring new hobbies or revisiting old ones, playing games, helping to make those fun things dementia-friendly, and accompanying your senior to social outings. 

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Our companion care services also help to maintain the household and complete basic daily tasks. These activities can include:

Companion Care allows your senior to accept help from a friend rather than ‘hired help’; we work to establish that relationship early on and continue to foster it until their level of need changes. Every level of our care is person-centric and engagement-based, but Companion Care takes great lengths to help your loved one remain active in life and their favorite interests instead of focusing solely on in-home care. By extending the time spent doing the things they love, we aim to extend the happiness and quality of life for your loved one as long as possible.

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