Types of Dementia

Dementia can manifest in several forms. As a whole, dementia is as an umbrella term used to describe a range of neurological conditions and nerve damage affecting the brain that worsen over time. It’s characterized by a set of symptoms that usually affect memory, problem-solving, language, and behavior.

These neurological conditions disrupt the normal bodily functions that get the brain what it needs to operate. The different types of dementia describe different disruptions, but varied, specific sets of issues that arise still all fall under the umbrella of dementia. The types of dementia that we specialize in include the following:

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At a Glance: What’s the Difference?

Dementia is a widespread issue that affects different individuals in different ways – there are several strains of the disease that range from very common to relatively rare. As outlined above, our dementia care services focus on five types of dementia, but what’s the difference?

An Overview of 5 Types of Dementia

All types of dementia come with a unique set of symptoms and needs, and therefore requires a different level of care. We offer steps to ensure that your loved one leads a balanced life that allows them to keep as much of their independence as possible while having around-the-clock care available when they need it.

Premier Caregiver Services Provides Experienced Dementia Care

No matter what kind of dementia your loved one has, Premier Caregiver Services ensures that you’ll get the best caregiver for your situation. Our team is dedicated to helping promote a high quality of life for your loved one, relieving the symptoms of dementia, and encouraging peace and happiness.