Our History

Our deep and involved history with senior home care and safety is something that is unique to Premier Caregiver Services – not many locally-owned and operated caregiving companies have such a well-rounded past that allows for so much experience in the many facets that go into dementia care.

Our story roots back to 2007, when our founder John O’Callaghan created a start-up company with Spalding University occupational therapists that assessed seniors’ homes for the recommendation, purchase, and implementation of safety products that made it possible for seniors to “Age in Place.” This simple idea is still a goal of the company today: to keep seniors and their care in a space that is comfortable and familiar to them so that they can successfully navigate their experience with dementia.

Eventually, his company grew and merged with another locally-owned Durable Medical Equipment company, where John O’Callaghan successfully helped cultivate and expand the business in various leadership spots, such as:

John proved to be an incredible asset to the company, opening a total of 6 stores and initiating the partnership and addition of the Caregiving Division until he was able to buy the branch in order to form Premier Caregiver Services.

Focusing on Senior Home Care Services

As Premier Caregiver Services, we had the opportunity to provide VA care in Eastern and Central Kentucky along the I-75 corridor out of London, KY, and our popularity grew via word-of-mouth of our high-quality, in-home caregiving services, exceptional caregivers, above-market pay rate, and ability to handle the ‘difficult’ cases. This led us to establish a presence primarily in Louisville, KY as an in-home service for a variety of different conditions.

Now, our growth has allowed us to concentrate on a specific passion of ours that we’ve seen a growing need for: dementia and Alzheimer’s care. That’s why we’ve rebranded as Premier Caregiver Services – to better align with our ultimate goal of providing only the best caregiving service in Louisville. With a narrowed scope of work, we’re now able to:

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