Senior Caregiving for Couples

Premier Caregiver Services offers Couples Care specifically for couples where one or both partners have a form of dementia. If both loved ones have dementia, we’re prepared to care for them whether they’re at the same stage or different, so that the unique needs and struggles of each person are addressed and satisfied. Or, if one half of the partnership does not have dementia, but cannot perform all caretaking duties and needs additional assistance, then Premier Caregiver Services is here to support the family and offer comfortable, in-home senior caregiving when we are needed!

As couples age together, sometimes caring for the other’s health while simultaneously managing and maintaining the house and other daily tasks can be overwhelming and difficult, even without having to account for conditions like dementia. With the introduction of a new challenge, Premier Caregiver Services offers senior caregiving for couples to enable seniors to age in place no matter what their situation may be.

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Senior caregiving for couples is ideal for those elders who have a partner to consider, because we love who and what they love.

Dementia can take so much from your loved one, but with Premier Caregiver Services, it doesn’t have to take their relationship and life together with their partner. Our couples caregivers are trained in dementia care just like the rest of our staff, but their expertise doesn’t stop there. With couples care, we can manage the different needs of both spouses, and buffer any unintentional spats that usually occur when the couple agitates one another or interferes with the other’s care.

We understand the need to keep a family unit together, and with in-home dementia care services, you don’t have to split a couple up when dementia begins to affect their lives. Don’t let dementia control your loved one’s life – call Premier Caregiver Services today!

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