Our Approach

Our person-centered, engaging approach to dementia services go above and beyond, with a whole-hearted focus on caregiving excellence. We achieve this by matching your senior with our hand-picked, highly-trained caregiver. With the right caregiver, a bond is inevitable.

In-Home Dementia Services That Grow – 

Premier Caregiver Services provides the reliable service that you want when you need it, while offering a full-range of care options to meet all non-medical needs at every phase of the condition. 

Our services promote growth in two ways: 

1. We offer customized care levels that meet the specific needs of your loved one.

Your loved one’s needs will never be ‘too much’ for our services because our approach is designed to develop, adjust, and evolve with your senior’s needs. You will never have a caregiver that isn’t equipped to assist your loved one in every way they need; our professionals will make sure that you have the right care level at every phase of our work together.

2. We are committed to the continual professional growth of your caregiver and their abilities to maintain the best practices and care quality.

The comfort and needs of our clients with dementia are our top priority. In order to offer the best dementia services, we strive for the highest levels of employee satisfaction, by offering comprehensive, ongoing training and support. Our approach, which sets us apart from other caregiving agencies, allows for consistent care schedules with matched caregivers that your loved one trusts and welcomes into their home.

Dementia Services Louisville Kentucky, Premier Caregiver Services

Care, Compassion, and Progress

Our gentle introduction and integration into your senior’s life with approaches studied by leading researchers and clinicians from the Alzheimer’s Association, the Lewy Body Dementia Association, and the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration provides the utmost comfort for your loved one. 

Our caregivers are trained to be able to provide dementia services that offer enjoyment and assistance. We do this through training, skill-building and support, with an in-person mentorship program that allows for growth in four crucial areas of dementia care. Our caregivers also earn the CARES online dementia care certification and receive training that provides the tools for success at every level of care that we offer, including:

Premier Caregiver Services, Louisville’s premier dementia care agency

Informed, Engaged, and Communicative Dementia Services

At every point during our caregiving services, Premier Caregiver Services works with both you and your loved one – that’s why we have the Family Portal.

The Family Portal is online and always accessible 24/7. With this program, we allow one or more family members to be added to a profile along with their email addresses for easy contact; this profile contains a photograph of your loved one’s caregiver and the opportunity for as much communication as you desire.

In the Family Portal, caregivers will update your loved one’s file after every shift with detailed notes to document any important milestones or reminders. Because dementia and Alzheimer’s care brings a different experience every day, it’s important to us to keep you in the loop, but another beneficial aspect of the Family Portal is that the communication can go both ways!

Family members can make notes and ask questions just as caregivers can so that everyone can stay up to date with progress, health, issues, and mood changes.