Personal Assistance

The first level of care that Premier Caregiver Services offers is for high-functioning seniors, typically with some memory loss, and is geared to keep your loved one as independent as possible while providing prompts, reminders, schedule or time management, and respectful incontinence assistance, amongst other services. We’ll make sure your loved one gets to their appointments, remembers key factors of their day, and gets their necessary chores and errands done for a smooth and functional home. 

This is the perfect time to start introducing dementia care services to ensure a smooth transition for your loved one from total independence. Our caregivers will only step in when necessary and act, as the title suggests, as an assistant more than a caregiver to maintain the sense of independence and keep your loved one content.

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Our business is all about developing relationships that are both comfortable and beneficial to your loved one in order to give the best caregiver experience to you and your loved one.

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Personal Assistant duties will vary with your loved ones’ needs, but can include:

As the dementia progresses, Premier Caregiver Services is ready and equipped to step up and meet the needs that arise. Our care moves alongside your senior as their condition develops, even when it has outgrown this first level of care. But, until then, we’re more than happy to provide the perfect amount of care and assistance in the day-to-day life of your loved one to keep them on-track, feeling accomplished, and engaged in their daily tasks!

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