With personal experience driving our passion and desire to fulfill the need for exceptional, in-home dementia care in Louisville, KY, Premier Caregiver Services is here for you and your family with compassionate caregivers offering support to those in every stage and with all types of dementia.

We understand the importance of focusing on each person’s unique needs and situation, in order to craft a tailored care experience that offers the highest quality of life to those with dementia.

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Some services that Premier Caregiver Services can offer your loved one to make their life easier and more enjoyable could include:

Comprehensive Care for All Individuals

Premier Caregiver Services evolves alongside your loved one’s unique situation for a personal, comprehensive approach with prepared, dependable, and qualified caregivers at all levels of care. 

At every step, we’re here to match our dementia care services with your loved one’s situation. Our goal is to allow your loved one to maintain as much independence as possible while having the benefit of additional enrichment, fun, and socialization for maximum comfort and happiness. Explore our different types of Dementia Care Services so that we can get your loved one what they need.

  • Personal Assistance
    The first level of care for high-functioning people with dementia is geared to keep your loved one as independent as possible while providing prompts, reminders, schedule or time management, and respectful incontinence assistance, amongst other services.
  • Couples Care
    Premier Caregiver Services offers this level of care specifically for couples where both partners have a form of dementia at the same or different stages, or if one half of the partnership does not have dementia, but cannot perform all caretaking duties and needs additional assistance.
  • Personal Care
    The next level of care focuses on assisting your loved ones when they become unable to perform some daily tasks independently, such as hygiene routines, household chores, or transportation.
  • In-Home Care
    For in-patient family members, extra or one-on-one support is available for your peace of mind and the benefit of your loved one so that they can have the highest quality of life and care in an assisted living or memory care environment.
  • Companion Care
    Our Companion Care level may include some caregiving services, such as cooking, household chores, schedule management, and medication reminders, but is largely meant to keep your loved one engaged in life, hobbies, their community, and their social circle for mental enrichment and a high quality of life.

Our caregivers provide a gentle hand and a lively presence in your loved one’s life at every care step. Regardless of what the perfect care looks like for you and your family, Premier Caregiver Services is here to deliver.