At Premier Caregiver Services, we believe that dementia caregivers are people who deserve the best – that’s why we offer the best.

Having a caregiver who takes pride in their passion and can empathize with situations across the board makes living with dementia easier and enhances quality of life. In our work, we keep the spark in our clients’ loved ones’ lives and smooth the sharp edges of stress and worry that come along with maintaining a household while dealing with the behavioral changes dementia can bring on. 

Premier Caregiver Services is the solution.

Our work offers meaningful connections and a deeper grasp of what it means to make a difference in someone’s life in addition to the compensation and benefits that you’ll receive when you join Premier’s team, including tuition reimbursement for employees seeking education in a medical-related field!

Since 2015, we’ve been Louisville’s leading caregiver and dementia care agency, and we’re always looking for professional caregivers to extend the gentle reach of our services, approach, and implementation in homes that need us. We know that our team is different from traditional, in-home dementia care agencies through our extensive training, well-compensated positions, and research-based approaches. The on-going trainings offered are based on the Alzheimer’s Association guidelines to ensure the best information in the industry is being implemented into the care schedules of our clients.

Hiring Experienced Dementia Caregivers

A career with Premier Caregiver Services is a career filled with professional development opportunities, personal growth, a supportive and caring team that has your back, and the significance of caring for a vulnerable population in our community who is deserving of the kindness, respect, and engagement that we train our caregivers to offer. 

In order to achieve the highest level of care and the business opportunities that Premier Caregiver Services is aiming towards, we need exceptional professional dementia caregivers who are experts in compassionate, training-based care and office-based workers who understand how important administrative work is to the success and satisfaction of our caregivers, clients, and business.

Louisville needs quality, in-home dementia caregivers, and Premier Caregiver Services is stepping up to meet that need. Join us today as we make our mark and contact us for caregiver and office opportunities.

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