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Drinking Enough Water Daily?

Written by Premier Caregiver Services on April 23, 2019
stay hydrated

Worried that Dad or Mom drink too much coffee, tea, juice, soda, milk, or even alcohol? These liquids increase the risk of heart attacks because they require digestion, which can create a blood-thickening effect. Water is absorbed into the bloodstream and thins the blood; therefore, drinking adequate amounts of water…Read More

Illness Prevention Tips: Keep those Hands Clean!

Written by Premier Caregiver Services on March 8, 2019
Washing Hands

Illness Prevention Tips

Everything from the flu, strep throat and the common cold are being passed around right now; washing your hands has never been more important. Washing your hands effectively several times a day is a great way to prevent the spread of these illnesses. The Center for Disease Control…Read More

Giving Your Feet a Helping Hand: Foot Care

Written by Premier Caregiver Services on March 16, 2015
Proper foot care is important

Giving your feet a hand:

You can help to prevent foot pain due to an increased risk of damage to nerves and blood vessels by following these simple foot care tips:

1. Wash your feet in warm water with mild soap every day, but don’t soak them. Dry them well.

2. Check your…Read More