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Customer Reviews – Premier Caregiver Services

Caregiver-Testimonials-Premier-Home-Care-Services-300x223“…First if all, let me tell you that the girls that you’ve sent are working out very, very well and thank you for that. There is absolutely no problem whatsoever. And Steve very nicely came in and set up the toilet, shower, rails and all the above very, very nicely and, good Lord, it was after 6:00 o’clock when he came in to do it and I appreciate it very much. All of this has been very helpful and I am very glad that I am under your umbrella. – Bill

“Just for the record, Terry is an angel with our Dad. While I was practicing my newest hobby of insomnia, I checked in on Dad with the nanny cam. I heard Terry tell Dad no less then 5 time in 10 minutes not to touch his catheter because he may be getting it out tomorrow. Every time, he was as nice and kind as though it was the first time. My Dad….told Terry “we sure do get along good don’t we.” After I finished crying, I realized what a gift this young man is giving our father. He isn’t just taking care of his needs, he is being his friend. You are very fortunate to have him as an employee.” – Carmella

“I use to work for this company and absolutely enjoyed it! We had great caregivers and awesome clients!!!!!! I have been caregiver for over 15 yrs. I recommend Premier Caregiver Services any day!! I had the privilege to work with Roberta Dixon Wilson and she was very considerate and flexible with my schedule and even after leaving to go to the hospital .. She still occasionally called me to work or just a simple text asking how I’m doing… It takes a committed and caring person to be more than your boss but when they become a friend for life.. It’s worth giving them the praise!!!! Premier is awesome and she’s awesome!!!!” – Norreasha

“Ms. Wallace is great caregiver, loves people, and will help everyone. Go Premier Caregiver Services!!” – Maria

“When my husband’s parents needed help, Premier was over there and helping immediately. We were overwhelmed. They took over for us and helped us make decisions on the type of care and level of care we needed. They did an excellent job. Thanks.”      – Elizabeth

“After issues with another company, Premier Caregiver Services has exceeded our expectations.”  – Lauri P.