Living Space Accessibility

Actions like climbing stairs or getting in and out of bed are no longer a brutal exercise in difficulty thanks to products like chair and overhead lifts.

Stair/Chair Lifts:

Just because your loved one’s home has multiple levels doesn’t mean they can’t access the other floors. These chairs feature plush padding and easy to use controls. You don’t even have to know how to install it. Experienced installers can handle it for you quickly and with minimal effect on your home.

Overhead Lifts:

A full range of ceiling and overhead lifts. From bedrooms to bathrooms, they are almost all customizable ensuring that every need is met to your specifications.

Home Monitoring Systems:

A lot can happen in a moment. A devastating fall or slip can instantly turn into a crisis for you loved one. That is why home monitoring systems are crucial. By pressing a button on a wearing pendant, your loved one will instantly be connected to a Lifeline call center where they are talked through what is wrong, or emergency services are dispatched to the location.


Home Accessibility

Bathroom Accessibility

Outside Accessibility

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