Bathroom Accessibility

Everyone has heard the statistic stating that most injuries in the home occur in the bathroom. There are a variety of bath safety products which aim to reduce the risk of slips, falls and injuries in the bathroom. Here is an overview of some of the products we recommend for added bathroom accessibility.

Grab Bars:

Grab bars no longer have to be ugly and distracting. There are elegant and trendy accessories from companies like Best bath Systems, Moen Home Care®, and Greatgrabz® that complement your bathroom’s design rather than draw negative attention.

Raised Toilet Seats and Bars:

Raised toilet seats allow the user to access the toilet without physical stress or fear of falling. The durable brackets are removable without the need for a tool which adds flexibility to the design.

Bedside Commodes:

For those who have difficulty with getting down the hall to the bathroom during the night, bedside the commodes are a perfect solution. Easy to grip handles and a sturdy base allow for effortless access. They are even collapsible for quick cleaning and storage.

Bath/Shower Benches and Seats:

The bathtub is obviously a dangerous place for those with unsteady feet. Bath benches are all extremely sturdy so you can depend on stability in the bath or shower. The benches also have the ability to collapse without the need for tools to enable easy storage when not in use.

Transfer Benches:

Getting into a bathtub with medium to tall height walls can be treacherous for many people. Transfer benches allow you to easily access your bath or shower without fear of falling or tripping. Easy to grip rubber handles and a sturdy design ensure secure placement while still being easily removed for storage.

Handheld Showers:

A handheld shower is essential for those who are unable to stand I the shower or bathtub. There are a wide variety of units with features that include different spray functions and build materials. These durable and handy shower heads are aesthetically pleasing and easy to install.

Walk-In Tubs:

Best Bath Systems walk-in tubs. These are deisgned specifically for people who have trouble accessing normal sized tubs. Using a patented, durable door latch, these tubs are easy to enter for those with mobility issues. The latches are designed for long-term use with stainless steel and brass parts so you don’t have to worry about plastic breaking since there’s none to be found. In addition, we install these units ourselves, so you don’t have to stress about unskilled contractors and long waits.

Barrier-Free Showers:

For those who have trouble stepping over the wall of a bathtub to take a shower, barrier-free showers is the answer. Designed for people who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility, these showers feature a super-low threshold that can be easily walked or rolled over. There are virtually infinite numbers of design and feature combinations, so rest assured that there is a barrier-free shower than can complement your bathroom flawlessly.


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