About Us

High Quality Caregiver Services in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky

Premier Caregiver Services is a locally-owned, state-certified personal services agency providing non-medical in-home caregiver services to people in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky. Our experienced and professional caregivers are trained, insured and bonded to provide you with the most dependable and loving caregiver services.

Offering Comprehensive Caregiver Services and Companion Home Care

With our extensive background in caring for individuals in need, our team of experts can help guide you through the process to find just the right solution for your non-medical home care needs. Whether you need disease management support, companion home care, respite/relief services, or rehab therapy during your recovery from an illness or accident, we’re here to help.

When it comes to deciding what type of care is right for you or a loved one, there’s a lot to consider. We are ready to provide you with all the help you need to navigate this process. We’ll offer a personalized approach to care, creating a specific plan of care that is just right for you, using a unique client matching process to pair you with just the right caregiver.

Our caregiver services do not require a contract, and our staff is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Whether you need part-time or full-time caregiver services, Premier Caregiver Services is ready to serve you. Contact us today for more information about our caregiver services in Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky.